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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my website to be designed and developed?

The time that it takes to design and develop a website depends on the complexity of the site. If you have a deadline, I will work hard to meet it. The most common cause of delay is the content (text, images, information) from the client. On average, I can develop one in 1-2 weeks.

How much will a website cost me?

The cost of a website depends on its complexity and on things such as how big the website is (number of pages) and the features and functionality that is included in the website. I am happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quote at any time. A basic website, with text, a few images, store hours, contact information, social media links, and a Google Maps link, starts at $40.

Once my website is completed, what additional services do you offer?

I fully support any website that I develop and I'm always available if you encounter any problems or require new enhancements. I also offer website hosting and maintenance. My website design and development services include configuration of your email account(s) and basic search engine optimization (SEO) services. Basic SEO includes submission of your website to the major search engines, and the setup of your primary meta tag information (Page Title, Description, and Keywords). Additionally, your website is built from the ground up with search engine-friendly technologies and methods.

Do I need to register (buy) my own website domain name and the hosting?

No. I can provide you with hosting. I can also take care of registering your domain name. Depending on your business name, your ideal domain name might not be available. I will give you a few options. The average price to register a domain name for one year is $16. I like to think of it as digital real estate.

I already have a website, but it needs updating. Do you redesign existing websites?

Yes. I am happy to look at your existing website and give you a quote for updating it. I can redesign existing websites and retain the style or give you a completely new style. I can also provide a free website evaluation. I will show you how it can take advantage of the latest web technologies.

What kind of technology do you support?

I am skilled in HTML5 and CSS3. Both are necessary for basic website design. I am also experienced with JavaScript, PHP (email server code and WordPress code), and SQL (database code).

How do I know if I have an outdated website?

Here are a few things to look for. If you are using any of the following, it’s time to redesign your website.

Outdated Website Design Factors:

Outdated Website Content Factors: