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Effects & Animations
Graphic Design
3D Models (CAD, 3D printing)
Writing / Editing (Proofreading): screenplay loglines on my Stage 32 profile


Below are links to examples of full websites and single webpages that I fully developed or finished developing (i.e., contract work). The businesses are either real or not real or an unofficial redesign by me.

Full Websites

Summertime Bliss festival vendor (real)

Summertime Bliss festival vendor website screenshot

Free Weekend in the Finger Lakes (real)

Free Weekend in the Finger Lakes website screenshot

Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum (real, some contract work)

Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum website screenshots

Henning Computer Services (unofficial redesign) [original website here]

Henning Computer Services website screenshots

Pizza Planet restaurant (not real)

Pizza Planet restaurant website screenshots

Bulbs & Blooms flower shop (not real)

Bulbs and Blooms flower shop website screenshots

Single Webpages

Apple Bavarian Torte recipe (not real)

Apple Bavarian Torte recipe website screenshot

Royal Wedding (1951) film (not real)

Royal Wedding film website screenshot

Family Tree Book (not real)

Family Tree Book website screenshot

We Care Day Care (not real)

We Care Day Care website screenshot

The Mathrix (Matrix rain code with math symbols) (not real)

The Mathrix webpage screenshot

Connect 4 game using only CSS (real)

Connect 4 game webpage screenshot

Effects & Animations



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color wheel


color wheel


Graphic Design

Bauer Power energy bar [Click on it for a larger picture to open in a new window.]:

Bauer Power energy bar

Super Christ shirt:

Super Christ shirt

I am a ___ [occupation] shirt:

I am a ___ [occupation] shirt

3D Models (CAD, 3D printing)

Bishop (chessboard piece):

bishop chessboard piece 3D model picture

Backseat Bookshelf:

backseat bookshelf 3D model picture

Shelf for Sunglasses Stand:

sunglasses stand shelf 3D model picture

Vehicle Wheel Well-Attached Tire Brush for Snow/Mud Removal (unfinished):

vehicle wheel well-attached tire brush 3D model picture

Batphone (Batman cell phone):

Batphone (Batman cell phone)